I dedicate this book to my clients. Past, present and future.
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Lindsey is an attorney licensed in Illinois, New York, and Florida with a national practice.

Foreword by leading tax authority, Russ Sullivan

“Death and taxes are inevitable for all of us, making this book a wonderful tool for
everyone. It is a well-organized guide to walk readers through individual life situations
— single parents, married couples, blended families, divorcees — in a very readable,
choose-your-own-adventure type format.”

Russell W. Sullivan

Former Staff Director for Senate Finance Committee
and one of America’s leading tax authorities
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Foreword by Russell Sullivan
Former Staff Director for Senate Finance Committee
In late 2010 (and again in 2012) President Obama and congressional Democrats faced difficult tax policy decisions. The tax cuts created by the Economic Growth and Tax Reconciliation Relief Act of 2001 (EGTRRA) were set to expire in 2011. Progressive Democrats wanted many of the tax cuts to terminate, while moderates preferred that only some be extended and others be modified before being made permanent.

Passion for Planning
There has never been a day when I’ve doubted the path I chose, and there are certain days when I can actually see how we’ve helped a client’s family, including future generations, live their best life.
Days when we see a grandchild graduate college debt-free because of a grandmother’s bequest. Days when an estate is distributed exactly according to a client’s wishes, despite a complicated family situation. Days when a charity receives a large bequest from a donor who wanted to leave a lasting legacy in the community long after their death. Days when a wife can mourn a beloved husband without worrying about losing her home, accessing funds, or providing for her family.
There have been so many days like these and more. These are the days I cherish the most and the reason I wrote this book.
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